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King John
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7th-Jan-2008 10:29 pm - Hells ya
cool richard
HAHAHAHA ALL THE HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW DEPARTMENT HEAD OF PAINT!!! HAHAHAHA I now run the paint department i am able to handle my own schedwel and all that jazz! I am so happy!
6th-Jan-2008 10:20 am - Half drunken attack
Members of the pollywog
He stole me keys and started to make my horn go off. Not the alarm horn mind you but the locking horn... the one that kinda sounds like a fart.. Drunkingly doging me like a leamer on staroids i got a little excited and grabed him around the waist and.. kinda threw him into a fence...

There he was slumped agenst the fence with a odd smile on his face. I started apologising as if i had diareha of the mouth. Helping him to his feet though we both herd his anckle pop and he fell down agien. I broke Tyler... Of course i was terrafide, but no he starts laughing. "HAHAHAHAHA IT HURTS HAHAHAHAHAHA". I acused him of being a crazy dork and he looks at me and says "theres no reason you should be that strong!"

I think i may have to explane that only being half drunk gives me some advantages...
20th-Nov-2007 01:22 am - Crappy day
Such a bad day at work i got no bracks becouse every time i tryed to take one i got called back. I was looking foward to after work however becouse i made a "speaceal" apointment for when he was not drunk. Ya guess he forgot becouse he was already out with his friend. So whatever i went to run some grocerys with my mom. Thanksgiving food and what not. Ended up fighting the entire time. Well i go out with tyler and friend after and we go to the flamingo. Well guess what tyler gets drunk off his ass i drive us to his house. I go to use his restroom and Poof he is nowere to be found. I waited outside becouse he had left his dog outhere wich is unlike him. I mean he loves that dog more than anything. Well ya. Finlily i feel like a taxi no goodbye no kiss no hug. I let his dog in and text him saying "Good night i gues.... Oh by the way i let your dog in." I feel so hurt on top of the really bad day i want to cry but theres no tears.. I must be broken on top of it all....
16th-Nov-2007 11:44 pm - kitty love
Boy with glasses
So i guess jamie has watched me mope about the house long enuf. Now she wont leave me alone. LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME i swear. She has also adopted sleeping with me wich is odd. We tryed that when she was younger and i moved to much for her. Now she just hugs my head all night and i have to say i dont mind... Though i do mind the fact that she has to clean herself like every 4 seconds tell she falls asleep. Its an odd sound..
12th-Nov-2007 08:01 pm - ok
richard with the fork of truth
Wow its official i am attracted to unavailable men. Everything is gooing great and dandy then Boom in a matter of hours things go south. I should just be a monk god damn it. I think that might be an ok life. work in a garden for food, cook, make beer or ale or whatever. I think i can even fake praying. I dont have that horable of a singing voice. God damn it. I feel terrable.
6th-Nov-2007 07:54 pm - Hmm
richard with the fork of truth
I dont really know were this is going to go becouse i really am not in a good mood right now so we will see. At any rate lets see if this will make me feel better.

His hands were running up my back. I found that i was slowly coming back into reality after his kiss. I found myself not wanting to open my eyes becouse i did not want that 10 seconds to end. Then i felt his forhead lean agenst mine. I opend a eye to chance what may be happaning. I found myself looking into two pools of the darkest brown. Without relzing it i had opend both of my eyes. I was transfixed them and found for the first time in a long time i did not know what to do next. For once i was not reqired to act. The kisses came softly and slowly. Slowly they reached down to my neck. I let my own self controle slep and my own hands reached around him. In a seconds pause i returned the kisses he had bestone to me. Holding him close to me he slowly leaned into me and lightly bit my neck. In the dark leaning agenst his car. The cold slowly bit my exposed skin. He leaned into me and i giggled with delight. Something that he has not gotten used to nor me. Looking at me like me may of done something wrong i kissed him and it was returned.
17th-Oct-2007 10:54 pm - HAHAHAHAHA I win
richard with the fork of truth
Though it still has not hit me i have to say i am a very happy guy. Me and tyler are dating! That is good. HAHAHA were still avoiding the boyfriend title though. Its really ok becouse i got want i wanted some sort of base wich is good. Its a nice slow start. I also got back from a very good Trip to san diago... Damn i cant spell. Anycase I got a tattoo down there that i am very happy with. I need someone to help take picter of it. I want something with it on my deviant art so any volitears i will be happy to hear.
7th-Oct-2007 06:32 pm - Hmmm i ponder
richard with the fork of truth
I could call... And get to go out... and maybe spend the night..... or i can stay here... Sleep... and be fully prepaird for the next day... I also have renewed bills that that i have to pay... wich will make me poor... Fuck. Well i guess that settles that...
19th-Aug-2007 10:39 pm - Oh my...
richard with the fork of truth
I have a d&d chaicter that is a very bad man...

I dont know why this makes me smile...

Other than that life continues to go and nothing really new happens. My camera broke and it will take some money to get it fixed. Car is broken. Looking into buying a new one. Other than that life goes on
22nd-Jun-2007 08:05 pm - The Social obligation
Richard from lfgcomic.com
Been running around like no other. I dont think that in the last week i have gone to bed before 1am. Every night its been DnD (the dorkyness in me) OR out at clubs and haning out with the in crowd at work. LOL the in crowd... Thats funny. Anywho i dont regret this but i am tired. I just relized also how fucking broke i am. I just got my paycheck and guess what my balace was my payceck + 10 dollors. I almost died. It was like a panik attack. It does not help that i had to pay rent/insurance/internet/EQ2/Gas all in like 3 weeks wich was yella money. Looking at paying rent agien here and about to die... Maybe if i get up at 3 in the morning and walk to work... That way no gas.. That could work.. maybe... but i am lazy. Anywho I think there going to make me fulltime at work. THAT WOULD BE GREAT thats like what 400 dollors a week without the raise i am going to be getting soon also without taxes. But that i could do easy. I also got told i should be a electrtion for this major company they wanted me to aply wich i kinda laughed. But 15 dollors a hour starting sounds hella nice. 5 year apretenticeship though... makes me think. I would probly electricut myself. Wich i think is funny. well thats just me anywho. FUN ALL THE WAY AROUND!!! WOOT!!!
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