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King John
The Social obligation 
22nd-Jun-2007 08:05 pm
Richard from lfgcomic.com
Been running around like no other. I dont think that in the last week i have gone to bed before 1am. Every night its been DnD (the dorkyness in me) OR out at clubs and haning out with the in crowd at work. LOL the in crowd... Thats funny. Anywho i dont regret this but i am tired. I just relized also how fucking broke i am. I just got my paycheck and guess what my balace was my payceck + 10 dollors. I almost died. It was like a panik attack. It does not help that i had to pay rent/insurance/internet/EQ2/Gas all in like 3 weeks wich was yella money. Looking at paying rent agien here and about to die... Maybe if i get up at 3 in the morning and walk to work... That way no gas.. That could work.. maybe... but i am lazy. Anywho I think there going to make me fulltime at work. THAT WOULD BE GREAT thats like what 400 dollors a week without the raise i am going to be getting soon also without taxes. But that i could do easy. I also got told i should be a electrtion for this major company they wanted me to aply wich i kinda laughed. But 15 dollors a hour starting sounds hella nice. 5 year apretenticeship though... makes me think. I would probly electricut myself. Wich i think is funny. well thats just me anywho. FUN ALL THE WAY AROUND!!! WOOT!!!
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