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King John
6th-Nov-2007 07:54 pm
richard with the fork of truth
I dont really know were this is going to go becouse i really am not in a good mood right now so we will see. At any rate lets see if this will make me feel better.

His hands were running up my back. I found that i was slowly coming back into reality after his kiss. I found myself not wanting to open my eyes becouse i did not want that 10 seconds to end. Then i felt his forhead lean agenst mine. I opend a eye to chance what may be happaning. I found myself looking into two pools of the darkest brown. Without relzing it i had opend both of my eyes. I was transfixed them and found for the first time in a long time i did not know what to do next. For once i was not reqired to act. The kisses came softly and slowly. Slowly they reached down to my neck. I let my own self controle slep and my own hands reached around him. In a seconds pause i returned the kisses he had bestone to me. Holding him close to me he slowly leaned into me and lightly bit my neck. In the dark leaning agenst his car. The cold slowly bit my exposed skin. He leaned into me and i giggled with delight. Something that he has not gotten used to nor me. Looking at me like me may of done something wrong i kissed him and it was returned.
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