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King John
Half drunken attack 
6th-Jan-2008 10:20 am
Members of the pollywog
He stole me keys and started to make my horn go off. Not the alarm horn mind you but the locking horn... the one that kinda sounds like a fart.. Drunkingly doging me like a leamer on staroids i got a little excited and grabed him around the waist and.. kinda threw him into a fence...

There he was slumped agenst the fence with a odd smile on his face. I started apologising as if i had diareha of the mouth. Helping him to his feet though we both herd his anckle pop and he fell down agien. I broke Tyler... Of course i was terrafide, but no he starts laughing. "HAHAHAHAHA IT HURTS HAHAHAHAHAHA". I acused him of being a crazy dork and he looks at me and says "theres no reason you should be that strong!"

I think i may have to explane that only being half drunk gives me some advantages...
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